Only Us can bring Love amongst ourselves!
Only Us can bring Peace into this World!
Only Us can create a New World!

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I am a true believer that us as a human race can change this world. My heart is like a sensor who feels the pain that our Earth is going through and all of the creatures that have been created by God. Humanity suffering is something that makes my heart cry, but this might be a way for us to learn, and something which could trigger our consciousness to make us wake up from a dream. Probably it is time for us to "wake up!", because I feel that no one on the face of the Earth wants to keep on suffering this horrible nightmare. The inevitable truth about who we are is coming closer, as we look deeply into our hearts and  as all of this world chaos leaves the stage.

I guess that I have become a Passive Warrior from the Earth for a long time, as my eyes and heart started to see clearly what was happening around me. Now I am here doing something to help in what ever is possible for me to do.

I am a happy person, but sadness has been around for a long long time as things get more entangle and I can not wait for the moment when my eyes can see humanity leaving the old habits of materialism and level things up, to bring balance into their lives to live a healthy and peaceful life, ... to finally realize that they have been learning step by step who they are, as I have learned myself a while ago.  


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Reply [email protected]
8:41 AM on June 15, 2010 
Yes, it is unbelievable how this world has been a war field its entire history. Even the supposedly well-intentioned religions have been genocides. When, where, with who human beings learned to fight, to be that cruel..(from the Annunakis?)
I believe what the songs says: "There is much more Love than hate" (in the world); more kisses and caresses than bad will..." yet, one can't do other but to cry out loud to be heard by the Gods and the Goddess of Compassion...for darkness and its hosts are really strong and ingraned in human DNA. The good news is that this is about to change! Light Beings from different realms and dimensions, and our own spirit's good will are working actively to bring us earthlings the reign of Love, the promised land, the Superior Self in action.
We might see our weaknesses and might think that we are not empowered enough as to accomplish this task...but we cannot forget we are multidimensional beings...and parts of us that are in superior levels can address our intentions and re-direct our healing energies wherever we may send them. This is the Secret: What we think, we get. What we wish, is done. This is our Divine creativity in action.
So, being a passive warrior makes sense...We can do a lot from wnerever we might be, and whoever we may be, as long as we honor our best insights on Truth, Beauty, Peace and Love.
It is important to remember that the natural state of our souls is happiness. Other than this is out of divine order: something needs to be paid some attention.
Thus, in order to be effective Light messengers we must first be happy at heart...even if it takes our whole life to achieve it.
In the adventure of Life there is not a place to arrive to, but an infinite journey to follow. We are our own home.
Reply Joe
2:19 PM on June 14, 2010 
Hello Luz.

u have done a really nice job here... i am a neophyte....just a simple student of hermetics and esoterics..

what is your opinion of people like Sherry Shrinner? she is a Biblical Codes


Reply Kerrie
5:49 PM on May 30, 2010 
You are not crazy I have been drawn to the clouds and giving thanks to them for their protection also, we are having a lot of cloudy rainy days and I can feel something going on my friend. Bless you
Reply Kerrie
9:49 AM on May 28, 2010 
It was the same for me no sun, no energy, until yesterday, full moon then so much love in me, so much energy I was singing!
Reply Kerrie
6:05 PM on May 15, 2010 
Luz the birds are special for me, I get feathers whenever White Cloud wants to let me know he is there, I listen to their song as if they are taking to me I listen to the whispers in the trees and Mother Earth speaks to me, I have had two dolphins swim up to me when I visited Blossm Goodchild circle and then swim over to where Blossom and I were sitting the previous night circle then pair off together and swim out to sea at that moment the sun rose!
I want to share this one with you Luz it mentions the bird song
I was at work and I felt something, so I sat down to listen! I realised something was going on, that now familiar feeling was going through me when they are there, I quickly ran to get a pencil and paper and not even breathing or saying hello I asked:

20th Sep
You said in June that the light is shinning bright now and to climatise myself with it, Is that the heat I am feeling? Is that why you use the words climatise, degrees, Fahrenheit and temperature?

Yes dear one, we are enjoying your sense of urgency to write this all down. Greetings to you Kerrie:) ( felt them smiling)

Yes I am also smiling, how I have changed! no longer Oh so spiritual and polite! Greetings to you my dear friends, you know I honor your presence and am in absolute gratitude:)

All is well Kerrie we are enjoying your empowerment, this will serve both of us well.

AHH the birds:) ( The birds were singing outside so loudly)

Yes dear one listen to their song it is music to your ears:)

Sending you my love as always.

Received and reciprocated ( think that means back at you!)??? they were playing! Love,light and joy Kerrie
Reply luz cordero
5:13 PM on May 15, 2010 
Oh it is so funny, I am a friend of myself,
I don't know how to get rid of me, Lol!
Reply grateful_light11
7:30 PM on May 12, 2010 
Hi Lucy, Thank you so much for the message :) I will do what I can to help. I am looking forward to growing along side each & everyone that comes here :) Peace, blessings & love to you and all
Reply Kerrie
11:23 AM on May 10, 2010 
Thank you for your welcome Luz,Blessings

Reply Ispirit *light of universal*
4:20 PM on April 22, 2010 
Dear sis,
nice that we can stay again together,
also I opend a are welcome there too,

love you
Reply luz cordero
8:56 AM on April 21, 2010 
These are great messages posted by Vijay Anant a friend of mine in Unification Project. I was given permission by him to post some here.

The thought of oneness is the real thought, which is sure to purify the inner self and put one on the royal road to Divine worship and lead him to the destination of self-realization. A seeker of truth, who wishes to reach the high altitude of communion with God and break the fetters of worldly woes, should develop the intellect of equanimity and banish the habit of controversial discussions from his mind.(Mahatama Mangatram)