Only Us can bring Love amongst ourselves!
Only Us can bring Peace into this World!
Only Us can create a New World!




Why Does a Warrior Cry?

A warrior cries when Earth is being contaminated and destroyed.

A warrior cries when trees are cut down without a reason.

A warrior cries when rivers are turned in to dumpsters.

A warrior cries when oceans are used for nuclear tests.

A warrior cries when fish die in the oceans and corals disappear.

A warrior cries when land is destroyed for empty profit and not for food supply.

A warrior cries when plants won’t grow in polluted land.

A warrior cries when children die of hunger and abuse.

A warrior cries when animals are abuse and waste as nothing of value.

A warrior cries when a woman is beaten, abused and killed by his companion.

A warrior cries when sees that men have lost their sanity.

A warrior cries when people are in discord and never try to understand each other.

A warrior cries when governments control their countries with unfair and abusive laws.

A warrior cries when companies lied to people saying their products are safe.

A warrior cries when pharmaceuticals poison people bodies with untested drugs.

A warrior cries when doctors commit errors in their practice for not knowing how treat a patient and understand that he or she is also a human being.

A warrior cries when religions say to believe in their god but never bring the truth of who the real God is.

A warrior cries when unconsciousness have been planted in peoples mind and soul.

A warrior cries for so many things, but also cries when at last the truth will be revealed and freedom will come for all as equals and peace reigns in their souls and life.

 Warrior tears will be of joy when all humanity at last, will be forever free from dark and only light and love will be the healing force that will remain forever and our consciousness will be awaken, for Love will take its place.

You can add more to A warrior cries, for there is more, that we want to get rid off from our hearts.  Remember that by forgiving ourselves, we will find peace and we will be free at last, and as warriors we will finally know that the battle against the dark will be won with the one thing that Is, Love is what it is.

We all know that for century’s wars have been fought for a reason.

Some of these reasons sometimes were unjustified, and others were supposedly with a justified reason.  Warriors went to war for love of their country, their people and their nations. Warriors died, for those just or unjust reasons, but the war has never ended and now is coming into its end. 



Welcome My Friends!

By being passive warriors on Earth, one person can act upon some issues without getting involve in violence! Violence wont bring peace nor truth, it will only bring more violence and lies.

We must only yield to the impulses of Grace ( God's empowering presence ) and Love by being warless warriors on Earth, demanding truth in peace trough our intellect, for man is endowed with reason and is capable of distinguishing between good and evil.

An excellence or power granted by God

A disposition to be generous or helpfull; Good Will

Divine Grace also can be defined as God's empowering presence in one's life, enabeling one to do and be what one was created to do and be.

This site is being created to share with all of my friends and visitors, so I will not loose contact with them; and also to share messages that inspire our souls in our Ascension process.

A new future is waiting for us, and is definitely going to be one of wonderful infinite possibilities. This has been granted to us by God's Presence in our hearts. 



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