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Cloudship and Ovni


Massive UFO Events to take place?

Ok you have to hear this I guess something is happening and we have to be ready to accept that someone is trying to confuse us and to set our minds in fear, and this has been going on for a long time. We will not surrender to fear, because we know there is a two party here doing changes in this world. - MASSIVE UFO EVENTS TO TAKE PLACE!EX-NASA OFFICI Video

Alien Remains Found At The Vatican. Pope Told To Remain Silent

This is an old post but for some reasons is coming alive lately.


"Whatever those remains represent,
there's a reason why the good fathers buried them there to be forgotten."

Alien Remains Found At The Vatican. Pope Told To Remain Silent.

Many alien skulls were found during a restoration project at the Vatican Library.



Venus or Mars?

Venus or Mars?

The Day Before Disclosure Official

Capturing The Light 1

Dorothy Izatt

An 84 year old woman who has filmed more than 30,000 feet of film, capturing amazing lights in the sky; and one who have been contacted by other worldly beings for over 30 years.  Her story has been publish many times, and many videos and his films have been study to come to the conclusion, that it is the most amazing story that a person could ever share.

Whitley Strieber, Travis Walton, and Betty and Barney Hill case; are exceptional, but the amazing film footage taken by Dorothy are real proof of her close encounter story.

In one of her films, Dorothy apparently captured some aliens; that showed up in one of these portholes of the flying object.

This of course caught my attention, and took me back in my memory of a photograph that I took a few years ago, because some kind of square windows were appearing in the sky.  This was something inexplicable for me, so I had to photograph this anomaly. So after I downloaded these photographs; I was very surprised that in one of them, it appeared a window surrounded by a huge cloud, where an entity apparently seemed to be standing at. After this happened to me, I started to see similar things in the sky and once in a while a window would open and I could see a being looking through it.

I have to check the dates and years this happened to post it and add it to this post. But I will show now this wonderful and very clear picture of this window in the sky. It is genuine, and not tricks or funny lies are given in my story. I believe that something is out there, and us as humans who like to denied the truth that is emerging out there in front of our faces, is delaying the revealing that we are not alone.

Have you ever had the sense that someone is watching you? In the past or lately? What about now?

As Dorothy said once, “They are here!!!” And I have proof of this.  But there those who can’t see or just don’t want to see. That is fear, and fear is the worst thing we can ever experience, but since we are humans enclosed in a small room without a view, of course we are going to some extend to have fear of the unknown and the sense that this might be of danger to us. But never fear, these entities have always been there, and probably they are sending a message to us, for us to understand that this universe is full of life in every corner imaginable.



In this image, you are able to see on the right upper corner, a very clear window that is asymmetric in shape. In its inside it is clearly detected a human figure or probably an alien entity. Who are they, that are up there looking or monitoring us?  This window is exactely as the one filmed by Dorothy. Only that the image inside the window is very defined.


This is a close up of the picture. What do you think about this?

Wonderful Orbs

Wonderful Orbs


Orbs appear in our photographs mostly at night time or during early morning. They can also present to you in many places outdoor or indoor. Apparently they are all over. They come in bunches or just one single orb.

This one appeared to us one evening while taking photographs of the city. I supposed that when this orb detected the camera’s light, this made it get closer to where we were standing. We were on the seventh floor of a building, and that day the sky was full of weird clouds. I have a few photographs of the same orb but that I will post the video that I made of it, but for now I will show you these close ups of this marvelous creature that revealed to me by the photograph program. Some basic adjustments were only needed to make this incredible finding.

As I continue doing the adjustments, I could not believe what I was looking at.




Because pixels change as we work with the photograph, then as we post videos or photographs, those details are most hidden because the resolution changes as we view them on the screen; but in the editing photographs program is a different story we can see more than after we render our work.


Bob Dean: Bringing in the Light - Project Camelot

Bob Dean: Bringing in the Light – Project Camelot

Link to Watch the video!v=NYzjMOfzJ_w


My comment:

Project Camelot interview to Bob Dean has created a controversy between those who believe and those who firmly accept his declarations. This video which has been called a one of disclosure, it is only a repetition of the same old story, repeated and presented to us in different ways. If we are going to have a real disclosure about the relation of governments and humanity with et’s races; then why rely on a person who apparently is being repeating a story that we already know.

We already know about the Galactic Federation of Worlds or of a higher authority since the days of the Bible. Beings that appeared to Moses, Elijah and the like; that apparently, were not from this earth. We have always believed in a God whose world is “outside”; out there in the infinite space of the cosmos and who watches for us down here on earth, to protect us and guide us in our earthly lives. This has been our truth since then and it is still today; but of course the whole story was denied to us for mysterious purposes; that apparently now is taking a turn and is being study from a different perspective. Trying to make humanity aware of a higher authority and that this authority is connected to us by the same principles of what the universe is, is another way to put things straight for us. But we are still waiting for some disclosure that it is being held from us because they say it is too much for us to handle.  

Those teachings left to us had the purpose for man to be aware of him and to know who he really was and is, and to raise his consciousness unto a higher level in order for man to join the source once again, which is “God in heaven”, for us.

We are learning about other realities and other worlds and a galactic federation that is working on earth since man had conscience, but we step away from that truth and now we are looking for that truth that we denied by accepting lies from enslavers.

Apparently, Bob Dean is a man of conscience, but he is also a man that has been well train by the military and he knows the rules. He talks about things already known to us and maybe he is adding some other stories that really are not important for a real disclosure of the “truth”.  But what truth when it comes to et’s? Or about their purpose now on earth?

He talks about a stranger who helped him when he was 3 years old from being drown and in this I believe him. Many of us have been saved by mysterious circumstances in our lives. There are many stories of this by people who have had those experiences. Even I was saved from falling out of a window. I was pulled up by a mysterious force that grabbed me from my shirt and pushed me back in again and I felt on my feet wondering and scared by what had happened to me. Minutes later, I thought “wow! That must have been an angel!; my guardian angel. I always trusted Angel Michael, for he has also appeared to me in my dreams giving me a hand. He is tall, like 12 feet high; Dark hair and beautiful white skin.

I have been near death many times and came alive out of them. Why? he also talks about this, and ask the same question as I did. Why me? What is that of importance that is there when our lives are saved by mysterious circumstances?

He also relates how he has remembered his past lives. Well many do. Even I. Many people in the world are being exposed to those past lives memories, and probably this is because we are coming close to know exactly the truth of us and why we have been here on this earth for many periods of lives. Many experiences without gaining consciousness of who we are; well it is said this is our school, and must be true, because we are beginning to be able to remember our past lives, then it is because the time is getting closer to know the truth about everything; even ET’s.

Well in the case of Bob Dean, he says that maybe it is because he has to bring these truths to humanity; to help them know about a higher authority and that we have to raise our conscience to understand our purpose. Well if this is what it is; then it is already being done by the help of all those “light-workers” who are giving their time and efforts to humanity and to help them know the truth that was left for us and hidden by others.

Also, he talks about wonderful technologies much more advance than those known to us. Well, I don’t think those technologies are going to take us by surprise. We have acquired advance in technology in bliss of time in the last century and now we are heading towards greater technologies. Of course whistle blowers talk about hidden technologies, and this must be true and it is being used right in front of our eyes, but we are too embedded in our material world, that we can not perceive ½ % of what it is going on.

I have nothing against Mr. Bob Dean, but I guess that he is part of a hidden agenda or he is browsing too much and mixing stories of his own to the stories posted on the internet. I know there is a purpose on all this, but I believe that we are close to discover the truth by our own; and they themselves are casing this to happen. All of this is making us think about that other reality; and our own experiences are making sure that we discover the truth. But in the mean time; we are waiting for our governments to come forward and place it on the table for us.

I agreed with Mr. Bob Dean on one thing. We must raise our consciousness level, to be a different human. We have to know that there is a higher force that governs our world and directs our souls into a humble path to ascension. Even thou it is hard to understand.


Sphere Crossing the Sky - Puerto Rico April 2010

Sphere Crossin the Sky - Puerto Rico April 2010

Well if weather modification is being made; it is surly one thing to think about. These two past months have been of incredible weather, plus volcano eruptions going off in different places, and people finding strange objects close to these volcano eruptions. But all of this if we see it on a different perspective; it has not been so devastating for people lives, except for the world economy.

These past days have been of much rain here in Puerto Rico, with a couple of casualties. Some parts of the island have had temperatures up to 113 degrees, with a lot of humidity, and in other parts very sunny days. The cordillera has been almost dark, with heavy clouds, and pouring rain almost every day; and this is good. We need rain to keep the water reservoirs full.

But why I am telling you about the weather and all of this? Well it is because since these days have been that kind of day you stay inside your house with nothing much to do; we always try to find an entertainment to fill that space of not being able to go outside for a moment. So the camera was my entertainment.

There I was shooting some pictures of this grey sky, when suddenly something weird cross the sky towards the north part of the island. This object look like a pencil mark in the sky, but I was able to find what that object was.

Here is a video where I adjusted this photograph and for my surprise I found a sphere going to the east of the island. Take a look. 


Find more videos like this on Passive Warriors From Earth
Find more videos like this on Passive Warriors From Earth



Dr. Carl Sagan Revealed to Dr. J. Allen Hynek That He Believed UFOs Were Real

Watch this video: Carl Sagan - The 4th Dimension  

 Carl Sagan Knew UFOs Are Real, Confidant Reveals

Renowned astronomer, astrophysicist and pillar of modern space science Dr. Carl Sagan revealed to Dr. J.   Allen Hynek that he believed UFOs were real. Sagan said to Hynek, that he knew UFOs were real but could not talk publicly about the matter and possibly risk the loss of academic funding.

(PRWEB) May 7, 2010 -- Renowned astronomer and astrophysicist Dr. Carl Sagan revealed to Dr. J. Allen Hynek that he believed UFOs were real but avoided any public statements to prevent the loss of academic research funding.

In an interview with research journalist and author Paola Leopizzi-Harris ( she told ZlandCommunications:

“My recollection is that Hynek said it was backstage of one of the many Johnny Carson Tonight shows Sagan did. He basically said (to Hynek) in 1984, ‘I know UFOs are real, but I would not risk my research (College) funding, as you do, to talk openly about them in public.’ ”

This startling revelation about Carl Sagan, one of this century’s most esteemed scientists and writers, has now been made public by Paola Leopizzi-Harris, a former associate of Dr. Allen J. Hynek who worked with him from 1980 to 1985.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek served as a civilian scientific consultant to the U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book from 1952 to 1969, initially taking a very critical and skeptical position on anything related to the reality of UFOs. In one of his own reports he stated:

"I had started out as an outright 'debunker,' taking great joy in cracking what seemed at first to be puzzling cases. I was the arch-enemy of those 'flying saucer groups and enthusiasts' who very dearly wanted UFOs to be interplanetary.” (Hynek, J. Allen. "The Hynek UFO Report". Dell Publishing Co. 1977)

After leaving Project Blue Book - the U.S. Air Force’s pseudo-investigatory public relations scheme on UFOs, Hynek later wrote:

"Now, however, documentation which puts the UFO-U.S. government controversy in quite a new light has become available. The (UFO) authors have made revealing use of documents released through the mechanism of the Freedom of Information Act and other data which have been made available to them… which show that the CIA and NSA protestations of innocence and lack of interest in UFOs are nothing short of prevarication."

Hynek went on to say: "For the government to continue to maintain that UFOs are nonexistent in the face of the documents already released and of other cogent evidence presented in this book is puerile and in a sense an insult to the American people." ("The UFO Cover-Up." Fireside books, Simon & Schuster 1984)

Hynek’s credentials are indeed impressive, having consulted on the Stephen Spielberg movie 'Close Encounters'. As well he presented a paper on UFOs at the UN in 1978. (All Experts)

Sagan’s link to UFOs and possibly to Dr. Hynek occurred in 1966 when Sagan was a member of the Ad Hoc Committee to Review Project Blue Book. This committee concluded that the U.S. Air Force's Project Blue Book had been lacking as a scientific study, and recommended a university-based project to give the UFO phenomenon closer scientific scrutiny. (

In scientific circles much of Sagan’s notoriety came from debates conducted under the auspices of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). In 1969 he challenged J. Allen Hynek on whether investigations of unidentified flying objects should be considered serious. Hynek argued 'yes' Sagan 'no' (NNDB)

Sagan was a prolific writer of some 20 books including 'Contact' – eventually made into a movie staring Jodie Foster. Sagan also hosted the brilliantly crafted and highly popular series COSMOS: A Personal Voyage. In Episode 12: “Encyclopedia Galactica”, Sagan explored UFOs and alien abductions while also including ‘refutations’ on UFOs.

In a statement at the 1968 Congressional Hearings before the House Committee on Science and Astronautics - U.S. House of Representatives Carl Sagan stated:

“As I understand what the committee would like from me, is a discussion of the likelihood of intelligent extraterrestrial life… clearly it is the hypothesis that unidentified objects are of extraterrestrial origin which the committee must have in mind. I'm delighted to tell about contemporary scientific thinking along these lines, but let me begin by saying that I do not think the evidence is at all persuasive, that UFO's are of intelligent extraterrestrial origin...” (

Sagan’s confidential conversation with Dr. Hynek in 1984 appears to not only contradict this statement to the House Committee in 1968, Sagan’s new found view - that UFOs were real - clearly did not play any role in Sagan’s later highly successful public work.

This revelation by Paola Leopizzi-Harris appears to raise serious scientific discrepancies concerning Sagan’s public verses private beliefs about the nature of UFOs and Extraterrestrial life.

It appears, therefore that Carl Sagan presumably embarked upon his many television appearances, consulting on major television and Hollywood feature productions as well as his own academic writing while professing one public scientific point of view, yet maintaining a significantly contradictory personal belief – “I know UFOs are real…” as told to Dr. J. Allen Hynek in 1984 according to Paola Leopizzi-Harris.

In later years Sagan also heavily promoted SETI - the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, which discounts UFOs as an ET reality - advancing the theory that listening for signals from deep space may help locate intelligent ET civilizations. (Ed.note - SETI officials were contacted by ZlandCommunications for a comment on this matter – however at the time of publication no response had yet been received.)

It is unknown how long Sagan held this personal view or when and what changed his mind – future disclosures may reveal this. That Sagan presented much of his finest and most popular work outside the context of his personal belief that UFOs were real remains a salient incongruity for a man of Sagan’s stature, obvious integrity and celebratory contributions to humanity and science.

One can only speculate upon why, during the period between Sagan’s initial statement in 1968 and all during his now legendary writings and media productions, Sagan continued to espouse critical views on the reality of UFOs. Why did his views change so dramatically? Did funding issues alone motivate him not to come forward publicly to declare his change-of-mind?

This revelation made to Paola Leopizzi-Harris by a well-respected scientific figure like Dr. J. Allen Hynek alters if not the magnificent quality of Sagan’s work but re-constructs his considerable scientific influence on the mainstream scientific theories about the universe, the intelligent nature of UFOs and Extraterrestrial life.

How will mainstream science respond knowing now that a corner stone of modern science and one of its most revered members is now recognized as to have conceded - UFOs are real?

Two conclusions emerge:

One of the 20th Century’s most renowned space gurus and scientific leaders, appears to have inadvertently shattered the prevailing notion among the scientific community and the so-called experts, that UFOs are fictitious and that issue is does not merit further study.

The second conclusion - short of full disclosure by government of the UFO/ET reality, this revelation most assuredly represents the most serious damage yet to the wall of secrecy and the truth embargo surrounding the Extraterrestrial presence so ardently maintained by government officials and bolstered by mainstream science.

Notably this information also comes at a time when Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of National Defence has publicly admonished another pillar of mainstream science, Professor Stephen Hawking, for contributing to misinformation about advanced Extraterrestrial civilizations. Hellyer’s admonishment is timely. It puts all scientists on notice that ponderous changes to their entrenched belief about the universe and Extraterrestrial life are about to occur. (

The Sagan story also arrives on the eve of the X-Conference – the largest annual American UFO/ET Disclosure event coordinated by Stephen G. Bassett Director of PRG - the Paradigm Research Group at the National Press Club in Washington DC, just down the street from the White House and a President that recognizes the need for grave global change. (

When asked to comment PRG Director Stephen G. Bassett said,

“Carl Sagan and J. Allen Hynek perfectly represent the intellectual and political dilemma faced by the human race during the second half of the 20th century. Both helped to radically change our view of the world… Yet one must be profoundly wrong on the most important historical event in human history.”

Ironically, a cloistered conversation between to academicians behind the curtain - backstage on the set of the Johnny Carson Show in 1984 seems to have changed science and with it, the paradigm beliefs of an entire planet – we are not alone.

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